Feathers : What Do They Symbolize?


Birds are undeniably majestic creatures and are symbols of freedom and with good reason. They move as though they own the skies and that is, without a doubt, powerful. Their lush feathers are not just equally magnificent to look at but carry with them poignant meanings as well.

Feathers have a myriad of meanings, but they have always been analogous to liberty, transcendence, and communication with spiritual realms.


To elaborate, as they often associated with the presence of angels. So be a – quite literal – “hello from the other side” or a more specific message from the angels or a loved one, through these delicate pieces they give one definite note that they are with you and they’ve got your back.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Feathers

As a symbol across many cultures, feathers have always represented a connection to the heavens and divinity. However, not every feather illustrates a single meaning. Just like its kaleidoscopic shades, each distinct color characterizes a different significance.

The White Feather

Even as a color, White stands as a symbol of purity or innocence, and here, the meaning of the white feather isn’t far from it. The white feather represents that a divine force or angels are near and are watching over you. Through the pristine white feather, they channel messages of guidance and hope. Additionally, these feathers also bear the wisdom of the moon as they evoke a sense of peace.

white feather

The Grey Feather

In the color spectrum, the shade grey sits in between black and white. So, it comes as no surprise, that it stands for the balance of emotion and energy between two contrasts. It is a mark of neutrality amidst duality. It is also an indicator that you are on the right path to spirituality and that, you are protected. Interestingly, it also conveys that the answer to your question may not be as simple as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, rather somewhere in the middle and that, you must have faith in your angels and their abilities to guide you through your troubles.

Grey Feather

The Brown Feather

Grounding, stability, and honesty are qualities or rather messages which this humble brown feather encapsulates. It also is symbolic of strength and communicates the idea of endurance. Being as it is the brown is also the color of the earth, it radiates warmth and gives the feeling of the comforts of home, of safety, and serves as a reminder to keep a balanced perspective.

The Black Feather

The first thing that may come into your mind when you look at the black feather or see the color black, is that it may be an omen or a warning. While that is true to a certain degree, there isn’t anything that one must be afraid of. The black feather represents the negative energies that may be currently surrounding you. With this, your angels are trying to communicate to you that they are here to shield and protect you and to deflect the aforementioned negativities.

The Yellow Feather

The color yellow screams positivity and boldness and what it represents is definitely on those very lines. The shade itself is representative of the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Ergo, the yellow feather is connected to the gut instinct as well. Charged with the energies of the sun, it is reflective of intelligence, playfulness, joy, cheerfulness, and mental alertness. Moreover, it is your angel reminding you to be happy and hold a positive outlook to overtake the dark forces that may bring you down.

The Orange Feather

Orange isn’t just an ambient color to look at but also embodies characteristics of success, energy, and luck. It is also the color of the Sacral Chakra. The hue is also connected to romance and attraction but mainly, it is linked to a flow of creativity. Finding an orange feather may be a nudge from the above telling you to follow an out-of-the-box path you have been pondering about.

The Red Feather

This is yet another color representing a vital Chakra – specifically the Root Chakra. It also signifies good fortune, passion, emotions and courage. When you come across a red feather, it may stand for a confirmation of sorts especially to have the strength and will to pursue your aspirations. Besides this, red also symbolizes passion and lust. So, in many cases, it may be an answer to questions surrounding your love life and that, you should prepare yourself for a romantic encounter.

The Green Feather

The Heart Chakra is what is represented by the color green as are the qualities of abundance and growth. A feather of the same hue is significant as it signals incoming abundance, growth and fertility. With it, the green feather relays a message of healing as it is a color of peace and harmony, and serves as a reminder to calm your body and mind through spending moments in nature. The color is further resonant with fortune as well.

The Blue Feather

The blue feather brings with it the sense of communication, happiness, and awareness. And it is befitting as the cool color is illustrative of the Throat Chakra. Furthermore, it signifies spirituality and the feather itself calls attention to the Spirit Realm. This is also an indicator of your angels initiating you to give meditation a go so that you can unlock your psychic abilities.

The Purple Feather

Tapping on the sensibility of spirituality is the color Purple and this is unsurprising as it is also the representative color of the Crown Chakra, which is the center of Universal Consciousness. Coming across a purple feather is indicative of your angels encouraging your intensified spiritual growth or heightened sixth sense even. It also is a sign for you to take a breather to meditate and align your body, spirit and mind.

The Pink Feather

Pink feathers are endearing in their essence. It carries with it messages of unconditional love, care, and friendship. It is symbolic of your angels sending you notes of reassurance and that, they are blessing you with limitless love and support. Also, pink feathers may also be suggestive of happy surprises specifically in your love life and that, you must keep all your focus on love even in uncertain times.

As they flow freely in the air, a feather coming specifically to you, and especially when you have a lot on your mind, have more often than not, come from the Spirits. They comes as gentle messages from the Universe to remind you to transcend what limits you and with your higher self and to acknowledge all that truly matters in life.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson

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